It Starts with a Trickle

Raschig USA Fixed Film Leader

Raschig USA Inc., formerly Jaeger Environmental, is expanding the possibilities for trickling filter applications around the world while offering other quality products for wastewater and mass transfer applications. We offer three different types of trickling filter media including our unique continuously vertical media, random dump style media, and plastic (PVC) modular sheet media. Our other products include extruded and injection molded tower packing for air scrubbing and stripping applications, moving bed bioreactor (MBBR) media, submerged fixed bed (SFB) media and wastewater screening equipment.

From hundreds of installations worldwide, Raschig USA has the experience and knowledge to help you from evaluation through construction and operation. Contact us today to review your application and see how Raschig USA can work for you!










WEFTEC 2018 - Visit us in New Orleans September 29 to October 3 at the Morial Center.

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